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#FBOMB Workshop
The Lumbar Sacral Complex

5 lumbar vertebrae stacked on top of an irregular bone formed of 5 fused vertebrae. What could go wrong? Pretty much everything! 

Balance the sacrum and strengthen the lumbar spine in this #FBOMB workshop. We'll spend plenty of time on the SI joints and why the entire world suffers from sciatica at some point in life. 

Get Prepared

Fully Equipped Reformer + Mat

We'll start on the Mat with fundamental work to bring awareness to the low back and sacrum. Then we'll jump on the Reformer to focus on how to mobilize the lumbar and balance the keystone of the sacrum that it supports.

Grab the Replay

The link is available right here in the course. Replay is indefinitely.

    1. Somatip™ : Swan, Horseback and Spine Stretch Forward on the Long Box

    2. Replay: The Lumbar Sacral Complex

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About this course

  • $43.00
  • 3 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content