Welcome to the Somaphyx Practitioner's Apprenticeship

Where the art and science of Pilates converge to shape the next generation of movement educators.

Rooted in the timeless methodology of Joseph Pilates, our program offers a transformative journey into the heart of Pilates instruction. Designed for those seeking more than just a fitness certification, the Somaphyx Practitioner’s Apprenticeship (SPA) empowers you to become a sought-after Pilates practitioner, blending corrective conditioning with a holistic approach to movement. 

Led by industry-renowned Program Director, Danica Kalemdaroglu, our apprenticeship program promises an immersive learning experience, limited to a select few to ensure personalized attention and mentorship. 

Are you ready to embark on a path of mastery? Join us and discover the profound impact of authentic Pilates at Somaphyx®.

Why Chose Somaphyx?

  • Expert Guidance

    Receive personalized mentorship and guidance from Danica and the Somaphyx faculty, ensuring you develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a Pilates practitioner.

  • Curated Curriculum

    Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Pilates with our comprehensive curriculum, covering traditional exercises across all major equipment, anatomy, kinesiology, and pedagogy.

  • Career Advancement

    Graduate as a certified Somaphyx Practitioner equipped with the expertise and confidence to educate clients in both private and group settings. Join a community of successful career teachers sought out for their expertise.

Not All Pilates is Created Equal

Neither are training programs.

Unlike conventional fitness certifications, our program places a strong emphasis on Pilates as corrective conditioning. This approach equips you with the skills to address diverse client needs effectively, making you a sought-after Pilates practitioner.

Our curriculum is delivered through on demand course work, in studio training and live sessions providing you with a well-rounded accessible education.
Pro - Mentorship

Teaching Teachers is Our Passion

Enrollment is limited, with only 3-5 trainees per class, ensuring you receive our full support.

Program at a Glance

The SPA is a 12 month program requiring 600+ hours of training. Each class begins in August.

  • Repertoire: The Somaphyx Pilates Repertoire is an on-demand library of the traditional exercises professionally documented and accessible on any device. Learn and absorb the choreography before attending the equipment Seminar.

  • Seminars: We break down the Repertoire through pedagogy and movement science. In studio attendance is required though Seminars are live streamed to the Pro-Mentorship.

  • In-Studio Hours: Self-practice, observation, lesson and practice teaching hours required at Pilates 804 or an approved studio. Apprentice teaching begins after passing first round of testing. .

  • Benchmark Evaluations and Advisory Hours: Testing or benchmark evaluations consist of written tests, demonstration practicals, and teaching assessments. Schedule advisory meetings with faculty advisors for personalized guidance and support throughout your apprenticeship journey.

  • Flexible Payment Plans:Choose from various payment options tailored to your needs. Pay in full by August 1st, secure enrollment with a deposit and recurring payments, or create a customized payment plan to accommodate your financial situation.

  • NCPC Eligibility: Not only will you become a Somaphyx Pilates Practitioner you will also be able to sit for the NCPT exam becoming a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. This is of no affiliation with the Pilates Method Alliance.

Application Process

The SPA is NOT an open enrollment program.

To ensure your success with the rigors of the program we have a two step application process.

1. Complete the Entrance Application so we learn about you and your professional goals.

2. Schedule an entrance Benchmark Evaluation demonstrating a Level 3 - Intermediate Reformer.

Over 12 months you will complete over 600 hours of training. Entering with a solid foundation on the Mat and Reformer begins your path to success. Application link in the Program Details.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Not physically ready to enter through the benchmark evaluation alone? Maybe you'd like to test out the studio vibe? Consider our Pre-Apprenticeship Program to prepare for the full apprenticeship experience.

  • Studio Practice

    90 days of studio privileges at Pilates 804 to practice and study the Somaphyx Repertoire for Mat and Reformer I-III.

  • Get to Know Us

    5 private sessions with either faculty, staff or an approved apprentice. Meet us all before you commit.

  • 100% Transparency

    Enter the full program with your mind at ease and assured that you have made an exceptional choice for your career.

Check Us Out

The Somaphyx Pilates Repertoire details the choreography of each traditional exercise. Seminars are were we break down the pedagogy, anatomy and so much more. 

Enrollment is Open

Take your time reviewing the complete program requirements for the SPA and the Pre-Apprenticeship. This is where you will also find the link to apply.

Bet You Have Questions

Or ready to schedule your entrance benchmark?

Contact our Education Director, Aisling Chapin, through the Pilates 804 contact form. Please choose 'teacher training' from the drop down menu and Aisling will respond asap.

Meet Your Program Director

Danica Kalemdaroglu

Somaphyx® Program Creator & Director

I have been a movement educator for over twenty-five years, utilizing Pilates and other methodologies to serve a diverse population of individuals with movement challenges. At Pilates 804, located in Richmond, VA, we specialize in restorative movement through the language of Pilates. Our studio serves as the home base for Somaphyx® Practitioner's Apprenticeship. A comprehensive teacher training program.

My approach to teaching aims to empower each individual to discover their unique movement potential while also equipping aspiring teachers with the knowledge and expertise necessary for a fulfilling career in alternative movement education.

Drawing from my extensive experience, I strive to elevate all teachers in their professional and personal journeys. I am a licensed NCPT with an advanced certification from the Pilates Center, Boulder. I earned a MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Dance and Body Somatics. My foundational studies in somatics, began at Goucher College where I also obtained a BA. I draw from wealth of knowledge to inform my holistic approach to movement education.

Currently, I serve as a professor of anatomy and kinesiology within the dance department at Old Dominion University, leveraging my expertise from previous roles at Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Colorado, and various performance organizations. My teaching experience spans a diverse demographic, from creative movement for young children to fostering healthy habits for seniors.

Each program I offer is created from the depths of my education, experiences, and unwavering commitment to spreading joy through movement in all its forms.

I'm Truly Here for You!

Listen to what others have say.

“The Somaphyx® program merges respect for the traditional Pilates method with a mastery of movement science. Danica’s deep understanding of both is enhanced by her fluency in anatomy and kinesiology, and she’s incredibly generous in sharing all of her knowledge with her students. For anyone seeking a deeper understanding of why and how the method works, any of Danica’s programs will be of tremendous benefit. You’ll learn to trust your own creativity when your clients struggle, and you’ll make remarkable progress in your own practice too. I’m grateful that I pursued teacher training with Danica, and I plan to keep learning from her for a long time to come!"”

- Aisling C.

“I really valued Danica’s anatomy knowledge and how she was able to relate it to cueing clients to their bodies, not to any particular shape or preconceived idea of what the activity was. Her honoring of the technique through its basic intelligence was evident and her ability to translate her knowledge to our needs was exceptional. ”

- Cita S.

“Working with Danica has changed my teaching forever & for the better. She is generous with her genius, making me a better mover, teacher, and student of the body. She goes deep into the work with impactful cues and meaningful, actionable explanations of anatomy & kinesiology as applied directly to Pilates in ways that make absolute sense. Plus, her natural motivating humor and energy make it all fun! More than worth the money & time commitment!”

Annie R.