Feet Are Our Foundation

#FBOMB Workshop
Feet Need Love Too

Our feet are our first defense against gravity. They push down into the ground giving us upward thrust into and against gravity. They are vital to our moving bodies yet we take them for granted.

We'll focus on the intrinsic muscles of the foot and their role in supporting our body weight. Also the structure of the foot as it interacts with the equipment and during open chain movement. 

Get Prepared

Foot Corrector, Towel and Basic Reformer

We'll warm up on the Reformer with closed chain movements such as footwork and stomach massage. Then transition to the mat where the feet are non-weight bearing. We'll finish up with maintenance exercises with a small towel and the Foot Corrector.

Grab the Replay

The link is available right here in the course. Replay is indefinitely.

    1. Somatip™ : Grounding the Feet

    2. Replay - Feet Need Love Too

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What the Cool Kids Have to Say

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“This #FBomb was great! The most attention I've given my feel in years! I appreciate your descriptive teaching. Everything was burning....calves, adductors, ankles, because they have never been challenged that way.  BUT one thing that blew me away was how my feet felt when I put my shoes back on....amazing and pain free! I will be using the replay!””