I Can't Do a Pull-Up Either Though...

#FBOMB Workshop
Arms Push and Pull

Upper body strength is more than biceps and strong shoulders. It's really all about how the arms feed the strength of the thoracic spine.

This workshop will focus on  closed and open chain exercises to give your upper body the lift it needs and your neck the support it deserves. You won't have to hold a plank longer than you want.  

Get Prepared

Tower or Fully Equipped Spring Board

The bars on the Tower, Caddy and Springboard are simple in design but solve the complex problem of shoulder integration, closing the chain from the arms into center and into the thoracic spine. We'll work with the springs from different directions to activate full range of the shoulder. Your neck will enjoy the release of weight it doesn't know it's carrying.

Grab the Replay

The link is available right here in the course. Replay is indefinitely.

    1. Somatip™ : Basic Standing Arm Springs

    2. Replay: Arms Push and Pull

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About this course

  • $43.00
  • 3 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content