Hips Don't Lie and Neither Do Thighs

#FBOMB Workshop
Abductors vs. Adductors

The inner thighs pull in to center and the outer hips push away. However they both double duty on the position of the thigh bone in the hip socket.

Bring awareness to your inner and outer thighs and how rotation works in both. The hips are a circular affair and we'll pass the work in and out of center. 

Get Prepared

Fully Equipped Reformer

Abductors vs Adductors is a Reformer workout with all the good stuff. You'll need your box and we will surely put feet in straps! We'll focus on the reciprocal relationship of the opposing muscle groups with added challenge from the Reformer.

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The link is available right here in the course. Replay is indefinitely.

    1. Somatip™ : Coordination into Side Splits on the Reformer

    2. Abductors vs Adductors

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