Your Spine Deserves This

Full Mat Classes #101 - #120

These are real pilates workouts for real people that want real change. I don't edit for perfection or pretend I'm just loving the burn. Results don't come from photo shoots.

I'll lead you through classically styled pilates mat workouts that give you the strength and confidence to really MOVE.

You're going to wobble, shake and lose your balance. So am I. That's right. I'm NOT perfect. I'm in the fight with you!

Want to feel better? 

Do the Work! 

Want to get stronger?

Do the Work!

If you just want to put on your socks without a spotter?

Do the Work!

What You'll Get

  • Modifications for every skill level in each class.

  • Informed cueing that goes deeper than the choreography. You will learn to move!

  • Direct access to me via the #p804crew community in your dashboard.

  • Your choice to purchase all 20 classes or pay monthly.

20 Full Mat Classes

All classes are mixed level and classically styled.

Pricing Options

Get lifetime access to Full Mat Classes #101 - #120 with a one time payment of $200 or get a a taste of them all for $25/mth.

*Classes individually sold for $13ea.

*Cancel subscription at any time.