We All Know the Short Box Series

But why? Let's break it down and reconnect.

It doesn't matter what brand of equipment you use or from what 'school' of Pilates you graduated. The Short Box Series is found in all of them. Why? Because the SBS develops the full movement potential of the spine.

Flexion - Extension - Rotation - Lateral Rotation

Once your spine understands how to move more advanced exercises become accessible. I'll take you through the finer details of the SBS that show up across the method and the Reformer.

  • Connect the Work

    See how the exercises in the SBS are throughout the Reformer.

  • Master Basics

    Refine your understanding of the fundamentals that make the SBS a foundational series.

  • Refresh

    New cues and a new perspective on exercises we all teach and do across all schools of Pilates.