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Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology for Pilates Practitioners
September 11 - November 20, 2022

I meet too many teachers looking for continuing education in anatomy and too many clients who haven't been educated about their bodies.  Most training programs cover some anatomy, but is it truly infused into your teaching? Learning anatomy is useless if you can't directly apply what you learn in the studio and grow your client list. 

Somaphyx aims to fill the gaps in your teaching practice and transform you into a body conscious mover. This 10 week immersive mentorship brings A&K + Mvmt Fundamentals to life inside the studio with expanded content designed to train your eye and hone your teaching skills. 

  • Learn the magic art of cueing without overloading your client and how to quickly change your cues for the body in front of you. 
  • Never guess on springs or reps again after learning how different apparatus work with the biomechanics of the body. 
  • Learn how to create progressions and regressions that target your client's goals and keep them coming back - all without hours of preparation time.
  • Create pre-and post-rehabilitative programming as well as challenging workouts for all your clients' needs. 

The most sought-after teachers are ones that can change a body because they understand the body and how it moves, what it needs and its possibilities. You can be that teacher! 

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Invest in Yourself

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You "Don't Do"Anatomy

But you've gone as far as you can without it.

Pilates teachers aren't doctors, and we aren't expected to be. Yet the best teachers have a sixth sense about the body as a complex system of simple machines. Your career as a teacher depends on your body smarts and your connection with every client you teach.

Up Level Your Teaching Methods

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Put Your Flashcards Away

Memorizing anatomy terms won't give you the tools your clients need.

Nor will memorizing choreography make you able to teach to the body in front of you. Most anatomy programs fail movers because we can only learn through movement. I've expanded the curriculum of A&K + Mvmt Fundamentals with studio equipment Video Breakdowns, Curated Assignments, Live Group Seminars and more.
A&K + Mvmt Fundamentals

Details and Dates

The course begins 9/11/2022 with first chapter released for self study. Our first Live Group Seminar is on 9/18/2022 at 11:30am EST via Zoom.

  • The entire curriculum of A&K + Mvmt Fundamentals CEC Edition in a drip schedule for self study. YES! You earn CEC's with Somaphyx by completing A&K + Mvmt Fundamentals.

  • On-demand lectures expand the core curriculum of A&K by focusing on movement application on the apparatus. See it in action and take it straight into your practice.

  • 8 Live Group Seminars to break down the curriculum, assignments and discuss specific topics. Replay available for the duration of the course. Sundays at 11:30am EST via Zoom starting 9/18/2022.

  • Optional 30min Teaching Evaluation. Send me 20min of you teaching and we'll meet via Zoom for feedback. *Spots limited to 6.

  • Assignments designed to sharpen your eye and engage the material as you study.

  • Direct access to me and your colleagues through a private Slack chat room.

  • View the program Syllabus and Weekly Outline

But Wait... There's More!

You'll Also Get Access to...

  • All 14 #FBOMB Workshop Replays

    $490 Value

    Each workshop is a topic-specific workout on a different piece of apparatus and available from date of enrollment. NO EXP for as as long as workshops are loaded in the site.

  • Total Matness!

    $200 Value

    20 full-length on-demand mat classes that you can do anytime, anywhere and available from date of enrollment. NO EXP for as as long as classes are loaded in the site.

  • 8 NCPC CEC's

    $350 value

    Pass the required quiz for A&K + Mvmt Fundamentals within 90 days of the start of the course and the CEC's are all yours.

I Bet You Have More Questions

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  • What does self study mean?

    A&K + Mvmt Fundaments is a completely on-demand course. Each chapter is assigned weekly. Seminars, assignments and video breakdowns expand the entire curriculum.

  • Do I have to be a certified teacher to enroll?

    No... BUT the goal of Somaphyx is to bridge your training and sharpen your teaching skillset. This is not a certification program to teach Pilates exercises.

  • What if I already purchased A&K?

    Send me a message and I'll pro-rate the remaining cost of enrollment.

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Who Am I, Anyway?

Just a Teacher that LOVES to TEACH!

Danica Kalemdaroglu

I have been a movement educator for over twenty years. I found Pilates through my undergraduate curriculum as an injured dance major with years of misuse. Pilates did what years of physical therapy couldn't and became my passion. Using Pilates to heal my body has shaped my teaching method and approach. Guided by the classical method of Joseph Pilates, I teach to educate each body of their individual movement potential.

What the Cool Kids Have to Say

You Can Be One, Too!

“ I learned some anatomy during my teacher training but the Somaphyx workshop went into much more detail. Also we did not have any anatomy textbooks to reference during teacher training so having the reference with detailed images helped me to better understand the function of bones, joints, muscles etc. and gain better insight on their relationship.”

Lisa Deveaux

“There were innumerable things that were valuable in this course. I really valued Danica’s anatomy knowledge and how she was able to relate it to queuing clients to their bodies not to any particular shape or preconceived idea of what the activity was. Her honoring of the technique through its basic intelligence was clearly evident and her ability to translate her knowledge to our needs was exceptional ”

Cita Strauss