The house won't fall if the bones are good...

The foundation of my teacher training program is
A&K + Movement Fundamentals.

I was not taught anatomy when I went through training and I was lucky that I had already taken multiple undergraduate A&K classes.  I repeat...I was lucky. 

Not enough programs thoroughly teach A&K in a way that is easy to digest and even easier to afford. Many just teach to memorize parts of the body but never truly address how to apply what they learn. The application is everything. 

The application is everything.

You will be able to immediately apply what you learn in this course to your teaching and personal practice. All of my trainees have grown successful careers and their client retention is unparalleled. I have been teaching A&K to my trainees for years as the beginning of their apprenticeships. They learn the exercises and most importantly can justify, modify and adapt for every body they teach because of their grounding in A&K.

This is what makes them sought after teachers
and you can be too!

Teaching anatomy to a mover can only be done through movement.

This course prompts you to move as you learn and explore the entire body. In depth presentations and movement analysis can be done at your own pace.

Each chapter contains a downloadable .pdf study guide for you to create your own workbook in your own words. This course spans the entire musco-skeletal system from head to toe. Breaks down the neuromuscular system and gives you a strong foundation in biomechanics.

Get exactly what you need and want

at an affordable price!

You don't have to go to night school and pay an arm and a leg to get the knowledge you crave. And don't feel intimidated because I kept the course easy to navigate and digest. There is a lot to the body but there is no need to feel overwhelmed.

Meet me

Danica Kalemdaroglu

I have been a movement educator for over twenty years. I found Pilates through my undergraduate curriculum as an injured dance major with years of misuse. Pilates did what years of physical therapy couldn't and became my passion. Using Pilates to heal my body has shaped my teaching method and approach. Guided by the classical method of Joseph Pilates, I teach to educate each body of their individual movement potential.

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